ART CLASS from David Rapoport on Vimeo.

ART CLASS: Friday, June 13, 2014. New York, NY. I began the ART CLASS project in 2005. It is about seeing the world as it is, creating artworks, interacting with others, gaining knowledge, and making a difference. I finished this series of works in 2009, and completed this film in 2014.

I started to see the world in another way, by drawing and painting. These drawings are very significant to me, because of their meaning. I also experimented with different mediums to effect my photography practice. Special thanks to Guruji, Peter Homitzky, the Art of Living, and Art Students League. /// © 2014 by David Rapoport. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Charles Traub: The Photographic Mission: from David Rapoport on Vimeo.

THE PHOTOGRAPHIC MISSION: Thursday, August 26, 2010. Greenwich Village. Chapter 2 of 2: Charles Traub (American b. 1945) has the experience, expertise, knowledge of excellence, and has entertained virtually everyone: in the field of photography today. Professor Traub has an astonishingly notable and accomplished career as a photographer, image-maker, educator, lecturer, scholar, innovator, and mentor.

The interview takes place in his Greenwich Village garden (at his studio), on a Thursday afternoon in late August, a few years ago. Prof. Traub talks about the (photographic) mission, and his work to to get the "word out" about this awesome, important, irreplaceable, entertaining, ever-changing, and essential art form (medium).

What did it mean to be a fine art photographer, and to be part of this new and growing community, years ago? I wanted to know about this.

Charles Traub specializes in art photography, education, and communicating with images. Photography is a career, a profession, and certainly certainly, a way of life.

What is visible: I am a student of Charles Traub. While making this film, I had to "squint," step back, and look at it in some other way. There was too much essential information being conveyed/revealed there. For me, it was an overload. I sought other ways to cognize, and understand what I already knew about what was being said, in contrast to what the actual visual content would be. It became all about structure and oneness. This is when the light/knowledge started coming in, so to speak.

The "Mission" is a portrait of an extraordinary man with a dream, vision, and a purpose. It is a revealing story/history about the pioneering of photography, and its growth, as we know it today.

“Dark Gray Sky” is style-goth-improvisational-guitar-musical-composition by David Rapoport (American b. 1960), 2012. This film was created (completed) in 2014, by David Rapoport. /// © 2014 by David Rapoport. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

PETER HOMITZKY: DISCOURSE ON ART from David Rapoport on Vimeo.

PETER HOMITZKY (American, b. 1942): Interview: Filmed in 2010. (Art Students League), New York City and (near his home), Upstate NY. Interview with Peter Homitzky, artist (painter). Instructor at the Art Students League, New York, NY.

Mr. Homitzky discusses his career, his life, the history of the art market, the skills of painting, scale and vantage, style and viewpoint, and what it means to be successful in the art professions.

He talks about an educated middle class that dominated the art market years ago, and the failure of the art market today.

What is the difference between style and viewpoint? What is the significance of altering the scale and vantage in a landscape, or any image that relates perspective? How do they affect what a painting represents as subject? How does skill play into this?

I learned how to paint and draw for my photography: I learned how to see. I could see, but sometimes, I could not see. Then I would squint, and see some other view of the same thing.

What is the importance art in general, and how does it relate to what we know and understand what we know about our world? What is the nature of commerce with regard to art? How has the art market changed since the 1960's and 70's?

How do I relate to the world of art, and art photography? One on one. Closely, and honestly. No denial. With depth and direction. Beyond the known.

Interesting and essential aspects about art and the art world, are explained and revealed by this veteran contemporary artist (underrated,and under-celebrated: but known by those that matter to him). His works are exhibited and exhibited worldwide.

His life in the arts is one that an artist can only dream of. His days at the Modern, the Five Spot where Monk played, and his association with so many great, and well celebrated artists. He talks about their motivations, and what he learned from his contemporaries. It is mind-blowing to hear the list of artists that he knows, or has known.

He taught me that no matter what something appears to be: for me, that it can be perceived as totally different, depending on other possible perspectives, as they present themselves.

All in all, the best knowledge is that knowledge that is contradictory to itself.

I am always thankful to Peter for his guidance, patience, and wisdom. ---dr.

A short film by David Rapopoort (American, b. 1960), photographer, filmmaker, and musician. /// © 2010 by David Rapoport. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

SILVIO WOLF: PHOTOGRAPHER: from David Rapoport on Vimeo.

SILVIO WOLF: IN THIS PLACE: Interview by David Rapoport. About Silvio Wolf (Italian, b. 1952), and his work. Mr. Wolf, talks about time and place, two variables that relate to his work. Silvio Wolf is a photographer, artist, instructor, teacher, mentor, and an exceptional creator of abstract photographic imagery.

In this interview, Mr. Wolf describes the unknown, and looking into some other, perhaps intangible space. He describes art and spirituality with a higher intelligence, and spectacular eloquence. I am greatly indebted to him, for what he has taught me in this field, school, and in life. /// © 2010 by David Rapoport. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.