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PHOTOANDART (Guru of Inspiration) is about some kind of direct or indirect influence. It is also a quiet / meditative / inspired: sensibility or state.

These relate directly to opposite values / forces: for example, the best results in radio propagation: the dipole antenna must have: the poise and the counterpoise.

The poise is the antenna which is cut to a specific length, and the counterpoise is its reflective mirror, it is the same exact length, and it acts as a counterbalance for the radio signal. One must utilize both parts to insure proper signal transmission and reception.

This series of music / artworks, in video format, is a study: related to balance and counterbalance, where there is one essential element, at play with its counterpart, or complete opposite:

On this website, I am presenting: 1) works that are informed of this quality: 2) the possibilities (in the scheme of things), 3) our perceptions thereof, in consciousness, and / or in our minds.

Anything becomes potentially possible, and everyone can win something out of the interaction. Also, I encourage you to have your own feelings about what you see on this website.


Photo: 2016_04_04. NYU 50th Anniversary Gala, Tisch School of the Arts, New York, NY. David Rapoport. /// Photo Credit: Studio Booth:

SHREE KRISHNA GOVINDA: from David Rapoport on Vimeo.

10:40. Complete Version: SHREE KRISHNA GOVINDA:

Shree Krishna Govinda: Hare Murare: Et Nata Narayana: Vasudeva:

Classical music sounds: on the edge.

I am experimenting with the modes.

This is my version of this Sanskrit chant.

Credits: Dedicated to GURUDEV:

( Special thanks to Jai Uttal:

Music by David Rapoport: )

2016 by David Rapoport. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.



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