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PHOTOANDART is about our existence in time.

Time is relative to the object or actual material substance of its first invention.

Today, the world is in sync with alarm clocks, train schedules, cellphones, and televisions.

Years ago, new inventions, such as sundials and calanders were used to measure the passage of time. These were the standards.

Measuring time referenced the moon, sun, the rotation of the earth, and other things. Time was relative to things we already knew about, or understood.

We grew to expect how many moments, or events would pass at any given interval. We grew to know how this would feel, and we became accustomed to these feelings.

This series of music / artworks, in video format, is a study: about expending or changing our perception or experience of time:

On this website, I am presenting: 1) works that are informed of this quality: 2) the possibilities (in the scheme of things), 3) our perceptions thereof, in consciousness, and / or in our minds.

Anything becomes potentially possible, and everyone can win something out of the experience. Also, I encourage you to have your own feelings about what you see on this website.

Jai GuruDeva!---dr.

DAVID MISCELLANEOUS: Miscellaneous Videos by David Rapoport, photographer, artist, filmmaker, and musician. This is his Collection of Fine Art.

DAVID MISCELLANEOUS: from David Rapoport on Vimeo.

Special thanks to GuruDev, and Peter. Each Video has a separate Copyright.


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